MyGymMeet platform was created to simplify the process of registration for gymnastics meets and keep Meet Directors in direct communication with Team Administrators. In the past, meet directors of big gymnastics competitions had to hire a Meet Coordinator who would take care of all meet entry forms and payments. It was a time consuming task requiring countless phone calls and emails. Now this entire process can be done online with the convenience of today’s technology!

Using the platform it takes only few clicks for the meet director to see the summary of all registered teams or print the list of attending coaches. It’s easy to check updated information for spelling mistakes or level changes, or send a message to all team administrators. No more emails for level change or roster updates. No more late payments.  Now all the information is updated in Real Time. MyGymMeet is convenient for team administrators as well. No more bookkeeping of meet entries because all the information is Online. It saves time; it means peace of mind for everyone involved in the process.

Some of the features you will find using this platform:

  • Free meet posting
  • Certified secure payment system
  • Deposit or full payment option
  • Real-time roster updates
  • Automated email notifications
  • AA or single event registration
  • Individual, team and coaches registration
  • Waiting list management
  • List of petitioned athletes
  • Athletes’ size information


We believe in teamwork. Our team  of long time USAG Meet Director and IT professionals work very hard to make your online gymnastics meet registration as easy as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and will continue to be diligent and committed to providing the best service to our gymnastics community.